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Back Pain Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from my first chiropractic visit?

Will I be treated today?

What do spinal manipulations feel like?

What to expect from your first Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor visit:  If you've never been to a chiropractor before, you may be a bit anxious about what will happen.  Fortunately, visiting a chiropractor for low back pain, neck pain, or other painful conditions of musculoskeletal origin is simple, safe and usually painless and often results in immediate relief for many people.

Your first visit to our Ft Lauderdale chiropractor office will be a lot like a first-time visit to any new doctor.  It will include:

  • A health history.  You will fill out a form of questions about your health when you arrive or you can print it and bring it with you.  Your chiropractor will ask additional questions, such as whether you have previous low back, headaches, migraines or sleeping problems.   
  • An evaluation.  You probably won't have to take off all of your clothes.  The chiropractor may check your posture, looking for things that aren't normal, such as one shoulder or hip that is higher than the other.  
  • X-rays.  X-rays are not usually indicated for episodes of low back pain.  However, there are circumstances where radiographs are be necessary before beginning care, such as if you have suffered trauma and other clinically relevant information.  Not all chiropractors agree that the information gathered from an X-ray is valuable enough to make up for the radiation that the patient is exposed to.  We value our patients and you can rest assured your chiropractor will make the best decision for your care.

Will you be treated today?  When your chiropractor has evaluated and considered all the information above, it's time to sit down with you and talk about treatment.  If the treatment includes an adjustment, the adjustment will most almost always occur at a later appointment.  There are rare exceptions to this, but they are circumstance driven.  The first visit is rather extensive and while you may receive some form of therapeutic treatment, the chiropractor will probably not perform spinal manipulation on the first visit.

What do spinal manipulations feel like?   Best described as a “release”, the most familiar type of spinal manipulation is the hands-on approach where you lay on a table while the chiropractor uses his hands to feel for pain or tenderness with spinal motion restriction and then the chiropractor will make a gentle, but quick pressing motion.  Some may call this "cracking your back” because of the popping sound that is sometimes made, although nothing is actually "cracking."  The sound happens when the tissues of the spinal joint are stretched.